e Islamic Quotes

The e Islamic Quotes website focuses on Islamic quotes mainly from Quran and Hadith. e Islamic Quotes is a brand new website as of March 2013.

Greetings and Peace,

My name is Ayisha and I created e Islamic Quotes for three reasons.

#1 Reason- Way of Learning / Therapy – The first reason I created e Islamic Quotes was a form of therapy for me. This website is a reminder for me and a way to help me learn more about Islam. As I look for topics to post about, I learn about new quotes from Quran and Hadith. I learn new ayats and new teachings from the Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings be upon Him).

#2 Reason – Beneficial Knowledge –  I also created e Islamic Quotes because I had a hard time finding Islamic quotes that pertain to Quran and Hadith. Often times I find Islamic quotes from other people without any derivative from Allah and His Messenger. Sometimes such quotes can be inspirational. However, sometimes I just want to know what Allah, His Messenger (May peace be upon Him), and the Salafs (the companions of the Prophet) said or say to comfort me in my time of need.

#3 Reason – Features – Lastly, I’ve come across many Islamic Quotes websites and some of them did not offer the features that I like. I like text and pictures of quotes. I liked to be able to share quotes across several social networks. Also, I like to be able to find quotes by category. So I decided to make my own website, because I’m sure there are others who enjoy the same features that I enjoy.

Well those are my three main reasons for creating this website e Islamic Quotes. I pray that you will benefit from this website the way that I do and more. Ameen!



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